Crow Dam Spillway Modification Area 3 2020

Location: Ronan, MT 

Owner: Confederated Salish Kootenai Tribes 

Engineer: Stantec

Big Sky Civil Constructors and Montana Civil Constructors Joint Venture was contracted in March of 2020 to rehabilitate the spillway on the Lower Crow Reservoir. Project includes demolition of the existing concrete spillway, excavation, under drains, zoned filter matierial, construction of a piano key weir, new spillway channel, zoned backfill, and installation of a precast bridge. 

Hauser Retaining Wall 2019

Location: Helena MT

Owner: Private Homeowner 

Engineer: Contractor Designed  

A private homeowner contracted Big Sky Civil to stabilize a failing embankment below a private residence on the shoreline of Hauser Lake, MT. Big Sky Civil utilized a Redi-Rock wall system to construct two 12' high by 85' long retaining walls with under drain system. 

Dull Knife Dam Rehabilitation 2018

Location: Buffalo WY

Owner: Dull Knife Irrigation District

Engineer: Tetra Tech 

Big Sky Civil Constructors was contracted in September of 2017 to rehabilitate the spillway, outlet works, and embankment of the Dull Knife Reservoir. The spillway consisted of 32 mass concrete steps, structural concrete labyrinth weir, and structural stilling blocks.