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Dull Knife Dam Rehabilitation 2018


OWNER:  Dull Knife Irrigation District

ENGINEER:  Tetra Tech

Big Sky Civil Constructors was contracted in September of 2017 to rehabilitate the spillway, outlet works, and embankment of the Dull Knife Reservoir. The spillway consisted of 32 mass concrete steps, mass concrete stilling basin, underdrains, structural concrete labyrinth weir, and structural stilling blocks. Big Sky Civil also installed a new slide gate, outlet works, concrete measuring flume, and completed a zoned embankment buttress fill to stabilize the existing earthen dam.

OWNER Testimony (Dull Knife Irrigation District)

Big Sky Civil Constructors, Inc. of Helena, MT, the contractor, whose 
construction of the Rehabilitation Project was outstanding!  They worked 
closely with Tetra Tech, Inc., our Project Engineer, and with NRCS and WWDC 
to insure installation of the Project met design criteria in every aspect; they 
were able to follow the nearly impossible construction timeline imposed by 
weather conditions at the site; and were cooperative at all times in working 
with county, state and federal agencies and conforming to requests made 
by the District for operation of the Reservoir. 



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